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Online point collection is a program that allows you to accumulate points by shopping on easily and easily. The “points” you earn will allow you to get discounts on your future orders.

Do I have to register to accumulate “Points”?

If you have already created an account on, you don’t need to make any further sign-ups. All registered users of are entitled to accumulate points. Those who do not register will not be able to accumulate points, nor can these points be added later.

How to accumulate “Points”?

By purchasing products on you will receive points. The information sheet for each product shows the points you will get by purchasing it. The total points you will receive with your order is the sum of the points for each product minus any coupons and discount codes. In general, for every euro spent you receive 1 point.

Points are awarded during ordering and confirmed when your order is shipped. The points actually accumulated are The points that will entitle you to a discount on your future orders.

How can I know how many “Points” I have?

Log in to and go to your private area, your balance will always be visible under the main menu.

How to use “Points”?

With each order you can decide the number of points to be scaled up, accumulated in previous orders.

Example: you have 100 points which is equivalent to 5.00€ , you can decide whether to scale them all or only a part! “You should indicate the number of points and not their value in €”

The discount shown is VAT included and is valid only on the total amount of products ordered. Points can be accrued in conjunction with discount codes and coupons. The calculation of shipping costs is done net of points.

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