Aftershave Le Pere Lucien – Lainess Cerise 100ml


After Shave made in France

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Find all of Father Lucien’s know-how in this aftershave water made from fresh organic equine milk and flavored with cherry, reminiscent of the sweets of our childhood.

This fresh equine milk aftershave water is the result of a collaboration between Father Lucien and the Asinerie de la Vioune, which produces the organic milk it contains. This delicious Cherry scented aftershave is designed to soothe razor burn and moisturize the skin. In fact, the smell subtly remains on the skin for several hours after its application.

Equine milk is known for its regenerating and moisturizing properties. Also rich in lactic acid, this aftershave has astringent power. It also consists of natural glycerin, which is moisturizing and emollient. In short, this lotion gives you comfort after shaving.

In fact, the lactic acid in the milk is an extremely effective natural humectant that is sure to moisturize and leave the skin soft and silky after shaving.

Our advice : Once you have shaved your skin, rinse your face thoroughly with cool, clean water to close the skin pores, then apply a few drops of alcoholic aftershave water, massaging your face and neck.

Ingredients : Alcohol Denat., Water (aqua), Equus Jumentum Lacta Extract, Asinus Lacta Extract, Glycerin, Perfume, Lactic Acid, Eugenol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene.

Capacity: 100 ml

alcohol: 80°vol



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