Aftershave Lotion Cella Bio 100ml


Aloe vera aftershave lotion.

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NEW organic Aloe Vera formula refreshes and moisturizes skin after shaving.

The seductive fragrance, a blend of fruity notes, sparkling pink pepper and precious woods envelops the skin, leaving it fresh and soft all day long.

of when barber shops were places to indulge in moments of pleasure and well-being, of when Cella opened in the heart of Milan, becoming the point of reference and style in the world of Italian shaving. It was 1899 when, the formulation knowledge of master soapmakers and perfumers and our passion for excellence and high craftsmanship created exclusive products for gentlemen and professional barbers. In the 1950s and 1960s, Cella’s signature radio jingles and commercial carousels became famous. And Felice, our testimonial, a smiling vintage icon, entered the homes of Italians, telling this true story with the morning motto, “EXTRA PURE CELL.”

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