Speick Men Active Aftershave Lotion 100ml


Alcoholic aftershave made in Germany

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Speick Men Active Aftershave Lotion 100 ml

Revitalizing treatment with natural vitamin F and organic witch hazel. Restores the skin’s natural balance and brings new vital energy. Nourishing vitamin F and natural plant extracts quickly and deeply moisturize the skin and protect against irritation, leaving it toned and revitalized.

The valuable ingredients in the Speick Men Active line optimally support the skin’s vital functions. These products provide lasting hydration, protection from the aggressions of environmental pollution and optimization of skin balance.
The Speick Men Active line takes care of you from head to toe. Specifically for sensitive skin.
BDIH-certified natural cosmetics 100% free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, silicones, parabens and ingredients derived from mineral oils. Vegans.
Dermatologically and allergologically tested.
All Speick products contain the harmonizing extract of the Speick alpine plant from biologically controlled wild cultivation (kbW).

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