Aftershave Officina Artigiana Milano 100ml


Italian-made alcoholic afteshave

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Officina Artigiana aftershave splash 100ml.

Aftershave produced by Officina Artigiana is composed of 80 percent alcohol.
Normally aftershaves contain 60 to 70 percent alcohol, but in the case ofOfficina Artigiana, because of the dizzying concentration of fragrance contained, it had to be raised in order to properly solubilize the essential oils in purity.
Officina Artigiana aftershave contains 15 percent fragrance (versus the commonly used 4 percent).
Where does this choice come from?
The fragrance chosen for Officina Artigiana’s aftershave is extremely complex, refined, elegant and in many ways innovative thanks to a skillful and refined processing of aromas. Masculine and suitable for all seasons, it develops on top notes of Birch, Black Pepper and orchid to open the dances toward a steely heart made of whiskey, Havana and pungent saffron. In the closing, Toasted Barley rests gently on a bed of amber and Guaiaco wood.
Presented in elegant cardboard packaging, One can hardly do without using this textured Officina Artigiana aftershave on every possible occasion; Whether it is a Casual evening or an elegant dinner, its discreet but constant presence will always be the undisputed star. Of course, we also recommend its use as an aftershave!

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