Aftershave Officina Artigiana Milano Stay Traditional 100ml


Aftershave made in Italy

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Officina Artigiana Stay Traditional aftershave splash 100ml

The Stay Traditional aftershave produced by Officina Artigiana is composed of 80 percent alcohol.
Normally aftershaves contain 60 to 70 percent alcohol, but in the case of Officina Artigiana, because of the dizzying concentration of fragrance contained, it had to be raised in order to properly solubilize the essential oils in purity.
Officina Artigiana aftershave contains 15 percent fragrance (versus the commonly used 4 percent).
What is the source of this choice?
The fragrance chosen for the Officina Artigiana Stay Traditional shaving line is citrusy , with predominant notes of grapefruit softened by lemon peel on a bed of peach and wild strawberries. The middle notes are ozonic and saline that close by dancing on a base of white musk.

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