Yaqi Orbital Ring 24mm Bristle Shaving Brush


Pig bristle brush

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Yaqi Orbital Ring 24mm pig bristle brush. An excellent tool for being initiated into the ritual of wet shaving!

Extra dense tuft, mounted on ivory-like resin handle with black ring in center.

To take care of your brush:

* Wash the brush in warm water before first use. Use the same shampoo you use to wash your hair.

* NEVER boil the brush.

* Wash the brush well with warm (not hot) water after each use.

* To avoid mold, let the brush dry upside down as possible (there are special holders) to promote proper air circulation.

* If you use the brush on the go, be sure to take it out of your beauty kit to let it dry completely when you return.

Tuft diameter: 24 mm
Tuft height: 52 mm
Handle height: 62 mm
Diameter at the base: 39 mm

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