Capt Fawcett’s Eau de Parfum Alessandro Manfredini 50ml


Eau de parfum made in England

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Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with
Alessandro Manfredini
created an Eau de Parfum rich in memory. A seductive fragrance from the Signature series that evokes the whimsical seasons of Italy. The woody and spicy top notes of
rosemary and star anise are
combine with the notes
central notes of cyclamen
fresh green on a bed of
mineral ,
soothing and
toasted by the sun . Truly, a simply magnificent alchemical fragrance has been created for your delight.

When the captain made the acquaintance of Alessandro Manfredini he recognized a kindred spirit. Mr. Manfredini is a gentleman of ageless elegance and style, a sculptor and graphic artist with the most distinctive silver-bearded appearance. Yet Alexander is also a survivor, a man who struggled to rebuild his spirit when an earthquake destroyed his dreams. The iridescent scarab, beloved since childhood, became his talisman. The captain became his friend.

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