Camellia Boker Freehand Razor Protective Oil 100ml


Protective oil for freehand razors

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This pure, high-quality Camellia oil is made according to a traditional Chinese recipe and has many uses. The thin oil is extracted from the seed of the camellia tree, has a neutral, odorless, and non-drying taste.

Corrosion protection: acid-free, nonresinous, non-evaporating camellia oil is traditionally used to protect high-quality carbon steel blades as well as tools and weapons from corrosion. It is purely organic and perfect for storing non-stainless kitchen knives and straight razors because, unlike other care oils, it does not form an emulsion with water.

Wood protection: low-viscosity oil absorbs quickly into wood and protects against moisture, dirt and UV radiation. Camellia oil is clear, does not discolor the wood and brings out the grain beautifully. Exceptional for caring for high quality razor blades and handles for razors and kitchen knives made of fine woods.


The famous shaving razors with the stylized mark of a tree were born in the city of Solingen in 1869. Since its founding, no razor has skied the factory without this mark of quality. The basic pillar of Boker is passion and enthusiasm unchanged for 150 years.The international success of the Boker product range and the long family tradition are both an incentive and an obligation to design and produce innovative, high-quality razors in the future as well.The Boker razor factory has become a global leader in innovation and is Europe’s largest razor manufacturer.

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