Osma Bloc d’Alun 100gr in Plastic Box (rock alum)


rock alum

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Osma Bloc d’alum Stone in potassium alum (rock alum) 100gr in box set

Shaped like a small brick about 7cm x 5cm. Potassium (or rock) alum, due to its antibacterial, astringent and hemostatic properties this stone is perfect for disinfecting and cauterizing facial skin immediately after shaving.
Osma Bloc d’alum 100gr. It is also most valid as a totally odorless underarm deodorant. (usable, for example, moistened immediately after taking a shower).
100% Potassium alum

The main differences between this stone and the classic rock alum stone osma 75gr. Are:

Size and weight Greater (25% greater)
Elegant Plastic storage box where to store the stone when unused

1. After shaving, moisten the face with cold water.
2. Moisten the Bloc d’alum Osma.
3. Press gently on all the places where you have been shaving or where you are most irritated.
4. Leave on and then rinse the face.

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