Nautilus Freehand Razor Olive Handle


Handcrafted freehand razor made in Tuscany.

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From the collaboration of Bruno Ieppariello and Riccardo Tonarini comes the Nautilus Free Hand Razor. Why the name Nautilus? Both creators love the sea, and both read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as their first book. From these things in common, it was thought to pay homage to the very famous book and name the razor after Captain Nemo’s submarine. Just as the submarine Nautilus known as “the sword of the oceans” cleaved the waters, the eponymous razor will know how to shave you, cutting your beard at the first pass! Now to the features of the razor: the steel used for this handcrafted razor is the famous K720 a carbon steel very suitable for this kind of blades! The main characteristic is its ease of being resharpened. The size of the razor is 7/8 “translated is 22.2mm” a fair middle ground, a size that is good for both those who already know how to use a freehand and the neophyte who wants to approach this way of shaving. The blade section “looking at it from the front,” has a 1/4 Hollow grind , this is because it is good for both hard and softer beards! The razor tip, on the other hand, is a mix between a Spanish and a Barber’s notch, in fact the angle of inclination is a minimum of just 2 degrees. This type of tip helps a lot in finishing the most difficult areas of our face, without ever being aggressive. The elongated finger rest comfortably accommodates two fingers. Another feature of the Nautilus is the pin that holds the cheeks to the blade. Instead of the classic riveted pin, a torx screw was used in order to make maintenance much easier; both the screw and the spacer washers are made of stainless steel. The Nautilus has the option of being supplied with different types of handles: bone, horn, wood, and polycarbonate. The final price may vary depending on the material chosen. Lead time is 30 days from payment.

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