Fatip Chrome Classic Gentle Safety Razor 42122


Closed comb safety razor made in Italy

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The Fatip Gentile head features the characteristic closed bar and has 9 slightly larger teeth
Than those of the Original head. In the case of the Gentle head, the hair is combed and the bar stretches the skin,
But it prevents the blades from sinking too far into it. Shaving is less aggressive and easier.
Gentile is suitable for daily shaving and for sensitive skin. Also recommended for safety razor novices.
Given the lower aggressiveness, it may require in certain areas of the face, more passes or more pressure,
But it always manages to provide a wonderful and safe shave. The user will also be able to experiment with sharper or softer blades according to his or her needs.

Weight: 66 g / Total Length – 87 mm / Handle Length – 78 mm / Head Width – 42 mm

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