Parker Injector Adjustable Safety Razor


Single edge adjustable razor

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The Adjustable injector razor (Adjustable Injector) manufactured by Parker is precisely designed to give you a safe, comfortable and irritation-free shave.
The Parker Adjustable safety razor works with half shaving blades of the injector type.

The special adjustable design of the Parker Injector razor makes it easy to customize each shave by simply turning the knob on the top of the razor.
For a gentler shave, adjust the safety bar to setting 1. This option, will make the razor extremely docile and easy to handle, perfect for use against the grain and/or with sensitive skin.
As you go up with the bar adjustment (ranging from 1 to 5) the shave will become increasingly effective.

Parker Injector, han a less straightforward blade loading system than other safety razors but once you understand how it works, you will be rewarded with a remarkably precise and comfortable shave.

On this razor, we suggest always using Parker Injector razor blades.

Please note:
The parker Injector safety razor is sold with a single razor blade already inserted in the razor. Be careful when opening the package.

Technical specifications:
Razor type: adjustable injection razor
Blade type: standard injection razor blades
Weight: 35gr
Overall length: 126 mm
Handle material: stainless steel and grooved plastic inner handle

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