Rockwell 2C Gunmetal Safety Razor


Safety razor

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A razor that adapts to your skin type and beard length, allowing you to get a deep and comfortable shave every time. The Rockwell 2C safety razor is perfect for those who do not have a high budget but still want to start with traditional shaving in the best way . Rockwell’s patented head adjustments are precisely designed. Say goodbye forever to redness and enjoy getting the most comfortable shaves of your life!

Rockwell 2C includes size 1 and 3 plate (sizes 1 and 3-single flip plate), That is, the adjustments most used by Rockwell customers that make the Rockwell 2C an excellent razor for beginners. The adjustable plates supplied with Rockwell 2C ensure that anyone can achieve a deep and comfortable shave. This safety razor combines revolutionary blade angles designed with extreme precision with patented adjustment to deliver an unprecedented shaving experience.

When paired with stainless steel razor blades the Rockwell 2C will give you a flawless shave that will forever discourage you from going back to the old cartridge multiblade razors.
Made of high-quality chrome-plated zinc alloy, the flawless finish of Rockwell 2C is impressive.

Designed in Canada.

Total length: 97mm

Handle length: 85mm.

Total weight: 95gr.

Handle weight: 56gr.

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