Tatara Muramasa Adjustable Matte Safety Razor with Stand


Adjustable rasp made in Portugal

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The Muramasa is a highly efficient and comfortable adjustable safety razor that allows the tonsor to choose the preferred shaving setting (gentle or aggressive) by simply turning the razor knob. With its fine adjustment mechanism and superior build quality, it provides an adaptable shave. Perfect for both beginners and experts in traditional shaving.

The Muramasa razor consists of an adjustable sliding base plate system that provides strong blade support and quick adjustment of blade exposure and blade gap (Gap).

Turning the dial will move the base plates together with/ away from the razor head, changing the point of contact between the blade and the user’s skin.

This means a difference in Gap and Exposure at the same time.

1 – gap = 0.60 mm / exposure = negative 0.17 mm

2 – gap = 0.70 mm / exposure = negative 0.07 mm

3 – distance = 0.75 mm / exposure = 0 mm

4 – gap = 0.80 mm / exposure = positive 0.07 mm

5 – gap = 0.90 mm / exposure = positive 0.17 mm

316L Stainless Steel

Height : 88.2

Handle diameter : 11.7mm

Weight : 105gr

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