TGS Safety Razor Empire Slant Black Beaty


Safety razor slant

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Safety Razor Empire Slant Black Beauty

The new Slant safety razor created by The Goodfellas’ smile team!
Empire wears black for this great occasion! Constructed of Aluminum coated and anodized in matte black, this handle is designed to last forever while the coloring brightens and further brings out the matte gold satin finish of the cartridge.
The grip is, as always, at the highest level while the weight is about 27 grams for a total handle length of 9cm.

The high quality Zamak head with matte gold satin finish is designed and built to be smooth and effective at every occasion and at every stage of shaving. Unlike most slant (oblique) razors, it can be used daily.

The Goodfellas’ smile Slant head has a total weight of 32 grams and is developed with an extremely refined oblique twist capable of being as gentle as the best of closed-guard razors but as deep as an open-guard razor.
The resulting comfort is at the highest level throughout the entire shave.

Total Weight of the Empire Slant Black Beauty Safety Razor
59 grams

Made in Italy

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