TGS Legion Slant Safety Razor


Safety razor slant

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Legion Slant safety razor – The Goodfellas’ smile

The design and development of the Slant safety razor head took almost a year, but the result is excellent. A slant head that can be used every 1-2 days, extremely gentle, so much so that you don’t feel it on your skin but at the same time effective and smooth.
The head is made of high-quality satin-finished die-cast Zamak.

The handle, made of aisi 303 stainless steel with hard chrome treatment, makes the product scratchproof, rustproof and potentially eternal. In addition, the extremely sophisticated design makes this safety razor a real must-have.

Handle length: 90 mm
Weight: 67gr
Diameter: 1.1cm Narrow part – 1.3cm Wide part

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