Yaqi Excalibur Single Edge Chrome Safety Razor YQ2028


Single edge safety razor

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Single Edge safety razor made of zinc alloy and brass, matte chrome color, lightweight weighs just 70g! The package is without blades. YAQI’s new Excalibur brings the famous “Artist Club” style blades to a safety razor. This Single Edge head houses the wider 50 mm “Artist Club” style blades. The trimmed center column allows the blade to lock firmly in place offering all the advantages of a DE, but with the smoothness of cut typical of these blades!

Head: Closed Comb Cobbled mounts Artist Club Style blades (Feather Pro, KAI Captain, etc.).

Handle length: 91 mm

Total length: 96 mm

Handle diameter: 10 mm

Total weight: about 70 g

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