Razorine Original Brass

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Razorine® is the razor born in the wake of the great tradition of the Italian school of barbering. Conceived in design and functionality in the first half of the 20th century to offer a practical and hygienic alternative to users of double-edged razor blades, today Razorine® is back to delight lovers of traditional shaving worldwide.

Significantly improving ergonomics and materials, while preserving the classic spirit of the timeless razor, Razorine® is proudly made in Italy, is made entirely of fine brass in every single component, machined from solid and without any soldering. The polishing is totally handmade as well as the chrome plating is mirror-finished. The razor can be used with both hands and is ideal for daily shaving, ensuring that you can shave safely thanks to the protective bars and the special geometry of the head, which makes it easy to find the correct blade angle for a perfect shave!
Razorine® Made in Italy is a registered trademark and registered design.

The manufacture and of this product was made by handicraft and not industrial processes. Small imperfections, depressions and ripples in the surface are deliberately present constituting specific characteristics of the product and testify to its special craftsmanship.

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