Razorock Mamba 70 Titanium Halo Safety Razor


Safety Razor

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Razorock Mamba 70 safety razor in Stainless Steel and Titanior

The best build quality in the industry. CNC milling from 316L stainless steel billets to two-thousand-inch tolerances for absolute precision! The handle of the Mamba 70 is made of grade 2 titanium.
Unlike cheap alloy razors, the MAMBA 70 is built to last forever.
The 316L stainless steel is marine grade rust resistant, as is the grade 2 titanium handle.
The safety of the MAMBA 70 design is unmatched, which means you can even shave your head with confidence.

The RazoRock Mamba head is CNC machined from a 316L stainless steel billet in Ontario, Canada, on a state-of-the-art five-axis machine that was purchased for more than half a million dollars in spring 2017. How accurate is it? Two thousandths of an inch! Each Mamba head will arrive individually serially numbered.

The handle of the Mamba 70 is a new and unique design. CNC machined from grade 2 titanium rod, this special new 100 mm handle gives the Mamba 70 the perfect balance in the hands.

Weight: 79gr
Material: 316L marine grade stainless steel

Handle Specifications: Titanium Halo Handle: titanium grade 2 (length 13mm x 100mm)

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