Razorock Safety Razor MJ-90 Halo Shaver


Closed comb safety razor

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RazoRock MJ-90 DE safety razor

What is MJ-90?

Materials: instead of zinc alloy, aluminum was used for the head while 316Ld stainless steel was used for the handle

Creation: The razor was built using precision CNC milling for both the head and the handle. Tolerances are higher than DE89.

Design: instead of exposing the blade ends, the tolerances of the uprights were changed to leave no play for the blade

Handle: milled from solid 316L marine-grade stainless steel and polished by hand.


Handle material: 316 marine grade stainless steel, hand polished

Head material: 6061 billet aluminum, black anodized finish

Handle weight: 87gr

Handle length: 90 mm

Handle diameter: 13 mm

Aggressiveness: medium, highly efficient

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