Razorock Hawk V2 Hulk Green Aluminum Safety Razor.


Single edge safety razor

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RazoRock with this new razor wanted to update the pre-existing version. The shaving geometry has NOT changed, so it has the same performance as the original HAWK, there have simply been significant improvements in aesthetics, weight, and blade insertion.

The changes specifically are as follows:

  • The cap has been rounded for the most natural shaving feel possible
  • Strengthened the safety bar on the plate with a new three-slot design, this prevents the front edge from being damaged if it is accidentally hit or if the razor suffers a small fall.
  • The handle has been revisited by adding a movable piece to the backplate that allows the handle to be lengthened or shortened for better handling.

This razor is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and finished in satin hulk green. Aluminum was chosen for two reasons: light weight (thus reducing ili the overall weight of the razor), aluminum is much faster and less expensive to machine and finish.

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