Rockwell 6C White Chrome Safety Razor


Safety razor with adjustable plates

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Rockwell Razors Classic 6C is a fully adjustable razor for any skin type and beard length.
The razor adjustment ranges from 1 to 6 allowing you to choose different positions that slightly adjust the angle at which the blade rests against the skin for a fully customized shave.

– Position 1:
For very sensitive skin
To shave the beard every day.

– Position 2:
For sensitive skin prone to irritation
for shaving 1-2 day beards

– Position 3:
for medium sensitive skin
For skin that sometimes gets irritated
for shaving 1-3 day beards

– Position 4:
for tough leather
skin prone to ingrown hairs
To shave beard longer than 4-5 days

– Position 5:
for tough skin
for hard beards
To shave every 5-7 days

Position 6:
– for hard beards
– For skins that have no problem with razors
– Shaving long beards of 7 or more days.

All 6 positions, are located on three plates that are easy to assemble and disassemble.
The knurled handle, weight and perfect balance of the razor allow for a high-precision shave. Unlike its brother 6S this razor is not made of stainless steel. White Chrome color.

Total length: 97 mm
Handle length: 85mm.
Total weight: 95gr.

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