Rh Preyda Hard Black Arkansas Sharpening Stone


Natural sharpening stone

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PREYDA sharpening stones are oil stones made from 100 percent natural Arkansas stone, technically Novaculite, a type of rock mined from quarries in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas precisely and world famous for its excellent metal-sharpening capabilities.
In fact, Novaculite’s unique cryptocrystalline structure allows the Arkansas stone to retain its characteristic abrasive effectiveness and shape over time.
In fact, Arkansas sharpening stones are composed of 99.9 percent pure silica, and it is this unique characteristic that makes Novaculite capable of sharpening and polishing metal to perfection compared to other abrasive products and so durable that it is able to function for a long period of time without requiring lapping. All PREYDA stones are custom cut and skillfully finished to ensure maximum flatness and capable of superior sharpening for both industrial and consumer use.
All Arkansas PREYDA stones are supplied in a wooden box and provided with a convenient non-slip rubber stand. Arkansas HARD BLACK stone is a sharpening stone characterized by an extra-fine density that in terms of performance can be compared to the 2000-3000 grit levels of synthetic stone.

Dimensions : 152.4 x 50.8 x 12.7 mm

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