Shaving Cream Extrò Cosmesi Absinthium Artemisia 150ml


Shaving Cream Made in Italy

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This shaving cream was born out of Don’s meeting with Andrea Onesti, a member of the absinthe academy.
Thus, after the after shave Eau de toilette, the Absinthium Artemisia shaving cream enriched with Jojoba oil and Oriental Siegesbeckia extract was also born, an ingredient used for the first time in an unusual shaving cream, since this product is used in Eastern medicine to treat wounds.

What is wormwood?: Wormwood (more precisely Greater Wormwood) is a plant scientifically called Artemisia Absinthium. It is a shrub quite common in alpine areas, characterized by a silvery green color and an extremely bitter taste. In Italian, the term Absinthe is also used to refer to Absinthe, a drink made by distilling medicinal herbs including Artemisia Absinthium, Green Anise, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Coriander and Hyssop. Absinthe experienced an exceptional spread in the 1800s, it was called Absent, in Spanish-speaking countries Absinth, in German-speaking countries Absinthe but with different pronunciation in Anglo-Saxon countries and precisely Absinthe in Italy.

Absinthe was banned in most parts of the world in the early 1900s, and from that time the legends about the Green Fairy as a dangerous drug with strange powers began. In reality, Absinthe has no narcotic effect, and the reasons that led to the ban were of an entirely different nature.

100% Vegetable Shaving Cream IN WIDE GLASS BOWL.

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