Meissner Tremonia Mint Ice Menthol Shaving Cream 200ml


Shaving cream made in Germany 100% plant-based.

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The best vegetable oils such as organic coconut oil and organic babassu oil provide lush lather, vegetable stearin for creaminess. Selected ingredients in combination with pure natural essential oils and resins form the basis for an exciting variety of the best shaving pastes.

Organic coconut oil, cold-pressed macadamia nut oil, organic glycerin spends moisturizes and associated fatty substances protect the skin. Because of its calming effect, macadamia nut oil is mainly used for dry, cracked and stressed skin. Plant oils make the skin soft and supple.

Organic jojoba oil, organic babassu oil, and organic argan oil are very moisturizing, protect the skin from moisture loss, absorb well, and are ideal for shaving and caring for irritated and reddened skin.

Pure natural essential oils:
We use only high-quality natural essential oils to scent.

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