Mastro Michè Claw Shaving Soap 125ml


Shaving soap made in Italy

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Artiglio shaving soap was born from the experience and travels of wise Master Miché’. The departure from Asia’s Kathmandu (a journey in which he recreated and encapsulated all the fragrances of Nepal in one fragrance) leads to the Americas, a long journey, at times dangerous and impassable, but full of new…

Artiglio shaving soap is reminiscent of North America. A majestic tree, more than 20 meters, in the shade of whose thick foliage Mastro Miche’ catches his breath. The tree gives him a sweet scent, of flowers and lemons that blend into the flight of an eagle…thus was born the idea for Artiglio, a simple line that can accompany the first steps of those who approach the world of shaving for the first time.

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