Pantarei Vincent Shaving Soap 100gr


Pantarei Shaving Soap

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PantaRei Vincent, is a tribute to an extraordinary Man and Artist: Vincent Van Gogh.

The hesperidian fragrance turns in the brief into hints of tobacco and leather, the complexity’ of it, makes it unique and highly sought after.

An exclusive PantaRei fragrance, produced in France by skilful hands and sublime noses, considered a fragrance suitable for the fall/winter season (but wearable year-round).

The exclusive formulation involves the use of cow’s milk from the Alverne region of France, which is famous precisely for the quality of its herds. This valuable component, known for its anti-aging and moisturizing qualities, has the virtue, among many others, of making post-shave skin soft and balanced in its oily component, as well as having an exfoliating action.

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