Captain Fawcett Shaving Soap – Scapicchio 110gr

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Hard shaving soap made in Italy

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A prestigious new collaboration features Captain Fawcett with one of the oldest barbershop families in the world: the Scapicchios, highly specialized in the “old style” shaving technique involving only the use of the freehand razor, of which they are the keepers of secrets. Building on the uniqueness of this family history of barbering traditions spanning five generations beginning in 1820, and still being passed on today within the Scapicchio Academy, Captain Fawcett has developed with these professionals in the field Fig and Olive, an olive wood bowl shaving soap with a precious brass plate designed to achieve a rich creamy lather and offer an unsurpassed shaving experience. The scents are reminiscent of Puglia, the native land of the Scapicchio family, to which the traditional Bay Rum is added. The fresh fragrance pays homage to Vincenzo Scapicchio, Luigi’s great-grandfather, who emigrated to Chicago in 1910 where he opened his first Italian barber shop, even becoming one of Al Capone’s personal barbers. Made in Britain.

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