Shaving Soap Le Pere Lucien – Lainess Elixir 200gr


Shaving soap made in France

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All the know-how of Father Lucien in this Lainess Elixir barber soap. A shaving soap with shea butter and fresh organic mare’s milk.

Its fragrance is composed of Oud with notes of musk, a hint of bergamot, some leather notes warmed by a hint of tobacco.

This fresh mare’s milk organic shaving soap is the result of a collaboration between Father Lucien and the Vioune donkey factory. These soaps produce a rich, unctuous cream that provides a smooth shave while leaving the skin perfectly moisturized.

The lactic acid in milk is an extremely effective natural humectant. It is sure to moisturize and leave skin silky smooth after shaving. Moreover, thanks to its richness in shea butter, your skin will be perfectly nourished all day long.

In summary, this soap with an elegant fragrance will delight your cheeks with its thick, moisturizing lather, making your shave easier.

Using the advice:

To get a creamy, opaque lather that will protect you throughout the shave, we recommend wetting your shaving brush well and working the lather for a long time (30 seconds to a minute). Therefore, its change in appearance will indicate to you that it is ready to be used.

Our advice:

To preserve all its qualities for your soap, we recommend that you always leave it open. Therefore, it will dry out, become harder and cheaper. In addition, its fragrance will pleasantly scent your bathroom.

Ingredients: stearic acid, nucifera coconut oil*, Equus Jumentum Lacta*, potassium hydroxide, Butyrospermum Parkii butter*, water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, sorbic acid, alpha isomethyl ionone, citronellol, coumarin, eugenol, geraniol, limonene, linalool.

* Ingredients from organic farming

Recycled polypropylene container: 200g

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