Saponificio Varesino Cosmo 4.2 Shaving Soap 150gr

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Shaving soap made in Italy

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Saponificio Varesino Cosmo Bowl Shaving Soap 4.2 150gr

Cosmo soap represents the evolution of the Beta formulation in its 4.2 version.

The formulation structure, which is different from previous ones, and the addition of Larch extract, bring Cosmo to an excellent post-shave level, and great comfort.

Larch extract, also possesses the ability to reduce trans epidermal water loss, better known as TEWL, coming to the aid of skin that tends to be dry.

It also finds a place in a new plant compound, based on castor oil, which has a lubricating action and promotes the mechanical shaving action.

Below we elaborate on the characteristics of soap:

100% plant-based (excluding fragrance)
WITHOUT palm oil (to protect forests)
WITHOUT preservatives/chelants/antioxidants of chemical origin
WITHOUT petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, dyes, parabens

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