Saponificio Varesino Mirto di Sardegna beta 4.3 refil 150gr shaving soap


100% Made in Italy hard shaving soap.

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Hard shaving soap for use with a shaving brush, vegetable drawn, extruded and hand-punched, with “hammered” surface logo. Formulated with plant actives and myrtle essential oil with toning and dermopurifying properties for soft, nourished and toned skin. Fragrance that combines myrtle from Sardinia and flavors from natural additives, creating a woody aromatic note. The fragrance has an olfactory pyramid composed of top notes such as lemon lime and lavender, middle notes such as myrtle tea and amber, and base notes such as sandalwood white musk and vetiver. The Beta designation in shaving soaps, indicates the development stage of the product, which began as Beta 1.0 and improved over time. Soap and packaging 100% Made in Italy.

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