Officina Artigiana Milano Stay Traditional Shaving Soap 150ml


Shaving soap made in Italy

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Officina Artigiana Stay Traditional shaving soap 150ml

Composed of 40% of Officina Artigiana’s 5 fine wellness oils(Jojoba, Argan, Almond, Grapeseed and Castor) this shaving soap is totally dedicated to the quality and quantity of the pure and certified raw materials used. Yet, it is not (only) the raw materials that make this shaving soap unique but it is its complex manufacturing process. The mixture is hot processed 5 times and with 5 different stages of mixing the ingredients.
Each vegetable fat is processed at different times, stages and quantities. A meticulous and complex manual operation that makes the precious oils contained capable of nourishing and keeping the skin nourished even many hours after shaving, giving real beneficial effects to the facial skin.

The jar filling nozzle was built to our technical design to achieve a visual effect in line with the purchased product; An abstract flower composed of 5 petals that recalls both its own nature of natural origin and the 5 wellness oils used in production.
Please note: Unfortunately, not all jars have a perfectly successful flower, it is a manual process of rotating the jar during filling that required acquiring some experience before getting a perfect result.

Developed using our 5 Wellness Oils, this shaving soap is composed almost entirely of Jojoba, Castor, Argan, Coconut, Almond and Grape Seed Oil used at different stages of production. There were many tests with varying results, but the end result is something that was able to go beyond all our expectations. Officina Artigiana shaving soap comes in 150ml glass jar presented in elegant cardboard packaging.

The fragrance chosen for the Officina Artigiana Stay Traditional shaving line is citrusy , with predominant notes of grapefruit softened by lemon peel on a bed of peach and wild strawberries. The middle notes are ozonic and saline that close by dancing on a base of white musk.

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