Kai Type 003M 19mm x 92mm nail clipper

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Nail clippers

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Nails grow at an average rate of 0.1 mm per day or 3 mm per month. Ideally, nails should be trimmed every 5-7 days. The best way is to cut the nails after they have been wet, such as after a bath or shower. This will prevent unnecessary damage, which can later lead to nail tears. Cut the nails using small cuts. Make sure the nail is cut only just above the tip of the finger to prevent ingrown nails. Men wear short fingernails (no longer than their fingertips). Toenails grow at an average rate of 0.05 mm per day / 1.5 mm per month. Ideally, toenails should be trimmed every 3-4 weeks. Toenails are also best cut after they have been wet. Hook the toenail straight and not too short to prevent ingrown toenails. The ideal length is when the corners of the nail are the same length as the tip.

Made of stainless steel combined with plastic. A functional tool that incorporates a nail file and a plastic nail binder, making it ideal for a perfect and hygienic manicure or pedicure. The rounded blade allows the user to work and cut with precision. Measures 19 x 92 mm.

Kai-type nail clippers offer practical and highly functional designs. The craftsmanship and attention to detail make them ideal for design enthusiasts. This collection is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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