Toothpaste Email Diamant Blancheur Absolue 75ml


Toothpaste made in France

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Brand new Email Diamant Blancheur Absolue toothpaste with Bicarbonate, Silica, Liquid Calcium, Active Oxygen and Fluoride: a multi-action whitening formula that effectively counteracts stains from food, tobacco, coffee, which cause our smile to lose its brightness!

The 5 ingredients that work and recover whiteness and brightness are:
* Bicarbonate: cleanses thoroughly and purifies durably;
* Silica: helps remove surface stains;
* Liquid Calcium™: repairs the enamel surface by filling micro-cracks;
* Active oxygen: whitens and restores natural brightness;
* Fluoride: helps to sustainably protect enamel with regular brushing.

The toothpaste is lightly colored with blue microbeads and has an intense mint scent.

Made in France.

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