Ohlalá Pistachio and Mint Toothpaste 100ml


Pistachio and mint toothpaste

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Ohlalá Pistachio and Mint is a creamy toothpaste capable of offering you an explosion of sensations. Pistachios, known in China as “the happy dried fruit” and in Iran as “the smiling fruit,” are synonymous with good luck and a symbol of love. Its uniqueness combines perfection with the freshness of mint. With Ohlalá Pistachio and Mint, life tastes better!

Main features.

Strengthens the enamel
Prevents tooth decay
Prevents bacterial growth
Protects against gum inflammation
Does not contain fructose

Ohlalá toothpastes are formulated on a soft mineral base, and the perfect proportion of fluoride and xylitol ensures high-quality cleaning and protection against tooth decay.
Xylitol is a natural ingredient of plant origin that is found in many fruits and vegetables and is therefore part of daily human metabolism. Reduced salivary flow is a cause for concern in many people, because if it is in short supply, calcium and phosphate (minerals critical for healthy teeth) are not deposited effectively in the enamel, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay. Xylitol stimulates saliva flow, which allows these minerals to bind to keep enamel strong and also minimizes plaque adhesion by allowing saliva to slide more easily between teeth. Plaque bacteria are not able to metabolize xylitol as they do other sugars and therefore cannot form the acids necessary for corrosion of dental enamel.
Dental fluoride is an ingredient that acts in the process of remineralization of the mouth, replenishing calcium and phosphorus that preserve the strength of teeth. It is clear and proven to effectively reduce caries formation. When fluoride toothpaste is used, it strengthens tooth enamel, helping to repair teeth that have developed mild decalcification, the first stage of fracture of a tooth’s surface, by penetrating the most superficial layers of enamel. Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that fluoride toothpaste helps control tooth decay and that brushing teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste is a reliable way to improve oral health. It is a good idea for children over the age of six to use a fluoride toothpaste. Even younger children can use it if they are at high risk of tooth decay.

Keep the following in mind: no matter how much you like the taste of toothpaste, you should never ingest it. No toothpaste, whether or not it contains fluoride, should be swallowed. For this reason, many dentists advise against the use of fluoride toothpaste by children under the age of six, and if they do, it should be under adult supervision so that they do not ingest it. Therefore, you should make sure to keep all fluoride products, including toothpastes and mouthwashes, out of the reach of children. For older children, adolescents and adults whose teeth are fully developed, there is no risk.

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