Capt Fawcett’s Maharajah Mustache Wax 15ml


Moustache wax made in England

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Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with The Jodhpur Company has produced an outstanding mustache wax.

Scented with the sensual opulence of court life, the balsamic air scented with aromatic smoke, the warm fragrance of masala chai and the crush of luminous petals whose voluptuous bouquet awakens the warmth of the enchanted Indian Night.

Fantastic spicy woody fragrance with roses, pepper, musks, cedar and leather making up the base. Top notes are lemon-based for a modern and elegant fragrance.

In aluminum package with screw-on lid.

Made in Britain.

How to use: Work the wax with the tip of the thumb and forefinger and apply to the mustache.

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