Aftershave Phoenix and Beau Trafalgar 100ml


Alcoholic aftershave made in the UK

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Aftershave splashes are a classic and important part of shaving. This formidable formula has a powerful astringent, antibacterial, moisturizing and toning action on the skin, helping to close pores and soothe the skin. The best denatured alcohol combined with generous amounts of soothing witch hazel extract and aloe vera juice are used for aftershaves to calm and cool the skin, after shaving. Completing the product is an addition of non-comedogenic (non-blocking) vegetable glycerin and sodium lactate in order to enhance the moisturizing power of each bottle, which is offered in elegant, high-quality frosted glass and finished with hand-applied waterproof vinyl labels.

Trafalgar is a bright, fresh and bold scent inspired by its creators’ love for the English North Norfolk coast. The shimmering green notes of birch blend with cool ozonic layers reminiscent of the cold North Sea. Underlying the accord is a subtle amount of rich, earthy sagebrush that hints at creeks, harbors and dunes.

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