Blackland Signature Red Shaving Brush


Synthetic shaving brush

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23 mm synthetic shaving brush. Machined from billet aluminum with an extra dense synthetic knot customized to Blackland’s specifications .

Inspired by the flagship razor, the Blackbird, the Signature shaving brush features a surprisingly comfortable anodized aluminum handle. Each handle is sandblasted and hard anodized to protect the finish from scratches and damage. The 23 mm synthetic knot is wonderfully soft, and the increased fiber density provides enough backbone to easily create perfect foam.

When designing the brush, the ergonomics of the handle was the top priority. The flaring of the handle is made to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand while the fingers fall naturally into the waist of the brush. This provides the perfect level of grip and control, making the Signature a natural extension of your hand.

Total weight: 110gr

Handle dimensions: H – 65 mm. W – 34 mm
Handle material: anodized aluminum (Type III)
Knot type: synthetic
Knot size: 23 mm
Knot loft: 52 mm

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