Omega Evo Stone Ego Shaving Brush


Synthetic shaving brush made in Italy

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The new Synthetic Brush Made in Italy.

Omega, Italy’s and the world’s leading shaving brush manufacturer, throws down its gauntlet to the Synthetic brush market. And it does so by shaking it from the ground up.
Precious, refined and elegant handles will give your daily shave that extra touch of class, while the new synthetic Evo Silversynth tufts, will be able to make you forget the existence of any other synthetic brush tried before. Omega Evo Silversynth brushes have the unique feature of retaining in the extremely technical texture, large amounts of water and soap settling on a diameter at the knot of as much as 28mm.

The Omega Evo Silversynth series is the natural evolution of the synthetic brush of which, however, it is able to twist all its basic characteristics, succeeding in the difficult task of replicating the great merits of silver badger but with the versatility of a synthetic fiber.

Overall height: 105 mm
Handle height: 55 mm
Hair height: 55 mm
Weight: 100 gr.
Packaging: Single brush
Topknot: Silversynth
Handle: stone effect

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