Matador Beard Freehand Razor with Juniper Wood Handle


Handcrafted freehand razor made in Tuscany.

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From the collaboration of Bruno Ieppariello and Riccardo Tonarini comes the Matador Free Hand Razor. Why the name Matador ? Sbarba’s Matador is a tribute to the famous Philharmonic 14, hence the name dedicated to the man whose job in bullfighting is to kill the bull with his long sword. The main characteristic is its ease of being resharpened. The size of the razor is 8/8 “translated is 25.4mm” that is one inch. The blade section “looking at it from the front,” has a full hollow grind. The tip of the razor, on the other hand, has been mellowed with a slight grinding that avoids the sharp edge of the square tip. This type of tip helps a lot in finishing the most difficult areas of our face, without ever being aggressive. Another feature of the Matador is the pin that holds the gauntlets to the blade. Instead of the classic riveted pin, a torx screw was used in order to make maintenance much easier; both the screw and the spacer washers are made of stainless steel.

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