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Focus R28 Al Black Freehand Razor

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Freehand razor with interchangeable blades

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Razor made entirely of aluminum, with high-precision machines by material removal.

We use only high-quality, wear- and rub-resistant aluminum; with additional hardening process by anodizing the surface.

All parts of the razor and movable coupling are machined and treated to the utmost precision; this is true both for the thicknesses and on the various cutting angles, as well as for the holes and threads, everything is made nearly perfect.

The stainless steel pins are also made to express design and are mounted on the razor body by means of a special key that allows ideal calibration, achieving during tightening, locking of the razor blade between the razor body and the movable clasp.

Without the razor blade, the attachment is movable, but once it is inserted, it creates a proper thickness that allows the clamping of both the movable part and the razor blade itself.

For a perfect attachment of the razor blade, it is recommended to use whole razor blades broken in half; this creates in the breaking zone a slight curvature of the ends, which, once placed on the body of the razor creates during the insertion of the movable coupling, through slight pressure, a spring effect essential for the precise tightening of the movable part and the correct positioning of the razor blade.

The cover also made from a solid block of aluminum, through high-precision machinery, is machined to obtain the inner milling, which will be the housing of the razor body, as well as the outer parts with various inclinations and angles as designed.

Once machined, the aluminum handle of the razor is anodized in various colors.

The cover’s attachment to the razor coping is made by a stainless steel pin, which, with the help of two nylon washers, makes the opening and closing movement of the razor extremely smooth and steady.

Weight of the aluminum razor “Slim AL” 25 gr.

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