TGS Styletto Gold Safety Razor


Safety razor made in Italy

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Styletto Gold safety razor in titanium steel – GAP 0.85

The Balanced Razor. Styletto Gold is perfect for those who shave every 2-5 days. It has a medium depth of cut but slightly upwardly calibrated, and for this reason, although docile, this safety razor should never be taken too lightly.

Styletto is the first (and only) line of AISI 316Ti (Steel-Titanium) razors to be produced in Italy.

The Gold head is designed with a base-centered exposure. This means that the razor blade inserted into the razor has an angle such that it always remains geometrically in line with the safety bar of the razor.
The plate’s drainage holes are large and promote easy removal of freshly cut hair.

Styletto’s elegant and timeless handle features a small (big) novelty never seen before – A Nylon Razor Saver Washer pre-installed in the handle screw. This special accommodation locks the washer in place, preventing it from falling out.
NB:In case of need, the washer can be removed by lifting it out of its socket and then reinserted.

Below is the technical outline of Styletto Gold:

Material: All Steel Titanium 316Ti
Color: Gold
Depth gap: 0.85mm
Handle length: 85mm
Handle weight: 85gr
Handle diameter: 13mm
Head weight: 27gr
Head length: 4.2cm
Head width: 2.4cm
Overall length of the razor: 9cm
Overall Razor Weight: 112gr
Made in Italy


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