Focus Dynamic R50 Safety Razor


Safety razor made in italy

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Made entirely of steel, with high-precision machines by material removal. 100% Made in Italy.

All parts of the razor and hitch are machined and treated to the utmost precision; this is both for the thicknesses and on the various angles of the cut, which is achieved almost perfectly.

The stainless steel pins are also made to express design and are mounted on the razor head by means of a special key that allows ideal calibration, achieving during tightening, locking of the razor blade between the two parts of the razor head.

Without the razor blade, the head is movable; but once it is inserted, it creates a proper thickness that ensures perfect clamping of the head and the razor blade itself.

For proper fastening, the use of whole universal razor blades broken in half is recommended; this creates in the breaking zone a slight curvature of the ends, which, once resting on the base of the razor head creates during the insertion of the movable head a very slight pressure, a spring effect desired and indispensable for precise tightening and correct positioning of the razor blade.

The handle is made from a solid round steel, through high-precision machinery, is machined to obtain recesses that make the handle of the razor itself comfortable.

Razor with movable head to adjust shaving to facial features.

Totally stainless steel

100% Made in Italy

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