Aftershave Jet Lag Verbana 100ml


Alcoholic aftershave made in Italy

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Jet Lag aftershave splash is a cutting-edge reformulation with cosmetic properties of classic alcoholic aftershaves. The enrichment of the formula with bisabol, urea and licorice extract makes it a modern-concept aftershave with fast-absorbing characteristics and immediate regenerating and invigorating effects thanks to menthol from post-shave stress.

The fragrances have been specially formulated by master perfumers using fine essential oils, with a fragrance concentration suitable to persist beyond the normal expectations of aftershaves on the market.

Why SYD Kingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney, Australia? Because the main ingredient (verbena) has its origins in this country.
The freshness of verbena paired with the hue of Sicilian mandarin are the pairing to take your mind back to crisp summer nights. A unique mélange for finding moments of pure Energy. An aftershave with a cheerful, sunny fragrance that blends the freshness of verbena with the vibrancy of Sicilian mandarin. Wrapped in citrus, tangerine in the lead, and with woody hints, verbena is striking in this fresh and enveloping composition. Essential after shaving to reduce irritation, shrink pores, calm, moisturize and refresh skin.

Strictly Made in Italy at all stages of processing, JET LAG is offered in a 100-ml glass bottle with a vintage-contemporary flavor and a practical dispenser in a pack

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