Muhle R41 Safety Razor

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MUHLE R41 OPEN COMB The MUHLE R41 razor is an open comb designed and developed specifically for the most experienced wetshavers, As with all safety razors, the blade is held in place by the curvature of the head but the angle of the blade is deliberately very aggressive and for this reason the MUHLE R41 is basically a very vigorous razor. The combination of combs and plate teeth, on the other hand, ensures that cut hairs do not snag the razor, avoiding the need to clean up residue too often during shaving. This unique design also makes final cleaning easier. The MUHLE R41 is designed so that no pressure has to be applied when shaving, and its depth of cut very often means that there is no need to make subsequent passes in countershave. A razor, this MUHLE razor, recommended for men with very thick beard regrowth and lovers of the perfect shave

Head length: 43 mm, Razor length: 94 mm Weight: 64 g

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