Edwin Jagger 3one6 Safety Razor

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safety razor made in England

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The excellent finish and performance of Edwin Jagger 316 stainless steel safety razors are the result of innovative design combined with manufacturing techniques honed over time. The line takes its name from 316 steel, originally forged right in Sheffield. Due to its high resistance to electrolytic and honeycomb corrosion, 316 steel is the ideal choice for making shaving tools and accessories. All these peculiarities result in a magnificent collection of razors and shaving accessories praised by all lovers of traditional shaving.

The DESSKNBL model with its 74.7gr weight is designed for those who like slightly heavier traditional safety razors. The handle has an excellent knurled finish that ensures a firmer grip. The perfect weight balance combined with the handle design ensures maximum comfort and shaving precision. The closed comb head also makes this accessory perfect for those new to traditional shaving.

The razor includes a pack of 5 Feather blades of the finest Japanese steel.

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