Razorock Safety Razor BBS Razor BBS Inox Open Comb Ufo Handle


Safety razor made in Canada

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BBS open comb DE safety razor – RazoRock

BBS (BABY BUTT SMOOTH) a razor that speaks for itself thanks to two special features.

1) the geometry of the head causes the razor blade to be bent more than any other safety razor. This increased curvature increases the pressure on the razor blade making the blade edge thinner but stable.

2) Due to the geometry of the head, the shaving angle is reduced from the typical 45° to about 35°, which allows for better handle and intuitive head guidance for a close shave.

The OC model as aggressiveness is similar to the Standard BBS but is more practical in handling the clogging of the skins between the razor blade and the plate so as to achieve optimal BBS.



Handle: UFO Handle

Material: 316L stainless steel

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