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IMPERO open-guard safety razor – The Goodfellas’ smile

The safety razor. Lovable object companion of many adventures. We can find many brands of them on the market, from every corner of the globe:
from renowned Germans to luxurious American safety razors to exceptional Japanese to inexpensive Chinese and Koreans. We can find great productions in India and England, but Spain, Portugal and Turkey can also have their say with some really successful brands.
What is difficult to understand, however, is where Italy is. Country that has always been associated with the true art of shaving.

Thus the Empire safety razor project came to life.

The idea was to create something beautiful, precise and functional that would reflect Italian flair, luxury and manufacturing skills.
To create the open-guard safety razor head (Open Comb), we opted for a higher than average degree of shaving depth to allow its use on both 3- or 4-day beards and occasional shaves.
The head is made of high-quality satin-finished die-cast Zamak.

The handle, made of aisi 303 stainless steel with hard chrome treatment, makes the product scratchproof, rustproof and potentially eternal. In addition, the classic yet sophisticated design makes this safety razor a real must-have and champion of grip even in extremely adverse situations.

Handle length: 90 mm
Weight: 110 gr.

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