Laugar of Sweden Ragnarok Shaving Soap 125gr


Shaving soap made in Sweden

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RAGNARÖK shaving soap is a fragrance with patchouli essential oil and a small hint of cedar as balance. Ragnarök is a hybrid shaving soap, which means it is composed of two types of lye, which makes it a little softer. All lye is saponified, and during the process glycerin is naturally formed, which binds moisture. RAGNARÖK comes from Norse mythology and describes the battle at the end of the world. Many of the mythical gods died in battle but fortunately many of them survived…

Inci: Water, stearic acid, oil of coconut nucifera, fruit oil from Olea Europaea , potassium hydroxide, cocoa seed butter from Theobroma cacao, seed oil from Ricinus communis, Butyrospermum Parkii butter, sodium hydroxide, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil.

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